Book Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit

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“A timeless advanture for all ages”

This book was surprisingly easy to read, and it’s in my opinion light-years better than the movies. I read the entire book in Swedish, and although it’s only been a year since I read it, I already have an urge to re-read the whole book in English. The translations just don’t cut it for someone who’s interested in the lore of middle earth.
Although this book is less heavy on lore, and more focused on the telling of a great adventure.

A recommendation

From me would be, if you read the book to your child, the translated version is fine, but if you plan on reading the Hobbit for your own amusement, read the English version.

I plan to read this book for my children, and hopefully they’ll get hooked on Tolkien’s world, just like I did by reading The Hobbit.

My favorite part of the book must be the whole meeting between Bilbo and Gollum. Tolkien’s style of writing is just mesmerizing, and even though you know that Bilbo is probably not going to get murdered, you can’t help it to be on edge throughout most of the chapter.

I will revisit this review once I’ve read it in English, the translations are a bit fuzzy still, but till then I highly recommend reading The Hobbit to anyone having a slight interest in fantasy.