Book Review: LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring

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One ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them*

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Sometimes when I read books, I get a feeling to just read faster, not pay attention to detail, to get to the point of the story. While reading Lord of the rings, I forgot about that feeling completely.

I think this says a lot about Tolkien’s ability to pay attention to detail, details that forges the story deeper and deeper the more you read, it’s addictive.

To compare this book with its prequel ‘The Hobbit’ is rather difficult, for the following reason: The book is not made for children, and it’s very refreshing to step into a darker and deeper side of middle earth, even the farmers of the Shire are somewhat scary for the adventurers.

There are complete chapters of the book that will be a new story for readers that’ve watched the movies, and that fact alone is reason enough for you to pick it up and read the hell out of it! Because that’s what you’ll probably find yourself doing, binge read it, it’s that good.

Character details

Frodo is a completely different character compared to the movies, and for the better. And there’s so many lessons of life that Sam teaches throughout the book, about being humble, faithful, and a good friend.

Another favorite character of mine is Elrond. The references he does to the elder days, he’s basically a living history book – paying attention Elrond, to be curious about his character, will tell a lot about the history of middle earth between the lines, about the 1st and 2nd age, the War of Wrath and history of the first children of Ilúvatar.

Boromir’s inner demons, fighting what’s right and wrong, fighting with valor within the fellowship, but being weak-minded and ensnared by the ring, is in my mind a timeless tale of how important it is with mindset, being humble, and how a constant seek for glory is doomed to fail in the long run.

I deeply love this book, if you couldn’t tell already, and would of course highly recommend it to you!