PowerShell in 2021: From my IAM Perspective

2021: From my IAM Perspective

First of all, this blog-post inspired me to write something similar, so thanks @MDowst for sharing.

For myself I’ve been writing quite a few security focused modules and scripts to help me in my day-to-day life as an IAM Engineer. I’ve discovered the PowerShell community calls, and found a whole array of inspirational twitter-users to follow.

2021: Some cool stuff I found

2022 exciting stuff

Some stuff I’m personally excited about:

  • Finish reading PowerShell Cookbook
  • Finish reading PowerShell In Action
  • Developing more automation with PowerShell 7 and Azure Automation
  • Implementing PowerShell logging / Protected logging
  • Implementing a team oriented PowerShellGet repo
  • Implementing SecretManegement/SecretStore/Az Keyvault on on-prem resources
  • Attend the PowerShell Community Calls
  • Creating more useful modules for my team in general, as well as improving existing code
  • Would love to contribute to the PowerShell repo this year, or publish some useful code to the PSGallery, to give back to the community

Time flies

This year will be my 9th year of using and working with PowerShell, much have changed but mostly for the better.

I miss when ISE was the golden standard though, but hopefully VSCode will work more smoothly this year. I do appriciate the cross-platformness of VSCode, and the ability to export and import keybinds.

Would be awesome with a competitor to VSCode though, I would assume that some competition would not hurt for the end-user exp, let’s see what happens.

End with fire!

I’d like to end my blog-post with this old gem from Lee Holmes Still waiting for someone smart enough to re-write this for the Windows Terminal :)

Have a good one!

Happy coding