PowerShell for Automation: Simple Hyper-V VM-Creation script

Meet Labmil.

Labmil is a script I made to serve a specific usecase. When AutomatedLab is overkill, and when you don’t want to skip the installation phase of the lab.

Displaying the cmdlet


  • Quickly put the Windows Server ISO-file to good use
  • It’s a simple script for anyone to modify for personal needs
  • It outputs a customobject
  • Create multiple VM’s using PowerShell logic


The script has a few non-features. Non-Features are cool because it makes the script unique and useful in certain senarios.

  • Not touching the VMs application layer makes it simple and less prone to error
  • It only has two parameters, and only one of them is mandatory after initial run, adding simplicity
  • It enables you as an sysadmin/engineer to do the whole set-up. Giving you more work to do yourself, meaning more labbing!
  • It’s only focus is Hyper-V VMs

How I like to do my labs

  1. Spin up the VMs you plan on labbing with using New-LabmilVM.ps1
  2. Install the server with wanted settings and partitions
  3. Use Windows Terminal’s split-tab functionallity, together with
Enter-PSSession -VMName $Name

To have one tab open with each newly created Lab-VM.

Happy labbing!